I have been very fortunate to have gained experience and expertise in representing working people and I am proud to be a strong advocate of equal access to education for all people. Experience and expertise is the cornerstone of Finland’s economic and social success story and I believe that Parlament needs a strong voice with the know-how experience and negotiating skills that I possess to ensure a fair deal.

In my full-time role as National collective bargaining officer and negotiator at Trade Union Pro I have a proven track record in bringing organisation plans to fruition and delivering a fair deal for working people. I have succeeded in negotiating multi-sectoral collective agreements. I work in both domestic and international organisations I represent employees at European level as President of the European chemical and pharmaceutical industry. I have a Master´s degree from NGO’s and Bachelor´s degree from laboratory science. I am studying for a master’s degree of administrative sciences in public law at the University of Eastern Finland.

I live in Hietalahti with my huspend. In my free time I play bridge and sail.

Working life

Justice and equal access in working life is very important. Legislation must provide a framework to deliver work- life balance and genuine partnership and cooperation in the workplace. I believe that by building trust between stakeholders over time can lead to fair play and better quality outcomes for all.

Work and an adequate standard of living are basic prerequisites for a good life. I believe that one person’s salary should be more than adequate to live a good life, even in Helsinki.

The twin goals of increasing the employment rate and at the same time securing the welfare state finances requires reform of both family leave and social security system. Sufficient social security and flexible family leave are long-term investments that pay themselves back over time.


Through access to education, we can guarantee everyone equal opportunities in life. Upper secondary level education should be provided for young people either in vocational education or in general upper secondary school. We need to ensure security of employment in the digital age, where everyone has a positive right to education and an equal opportunity to enhance and acquire new skills to meet the requirements of modern working life. Up-to-date expertise and professionalism is a prerequisite for longterm employment. The right of employees to participate in training provided by the employer must be delivered.

Equality in working life

I will work hard to achieve the principle of equal pay for equal work as this is one of my main goals, I will be a voice in Parliament for a fair deal to ensure the provision of equal career development for everyone and to deliver the same educational opportunities so all our people can afford to live work and raise their children in a truly equal and fair society.

My Helsinki

Every resident deserves to be seen, heard and understood.

Helsinki’s development must take place by listening to the residents and respecting the views of the residents. Resident democracy must be strengthened.

In connection with the construction of the city, recreational facilities for residents must be preserved. Not all open space should be built to capacity. Parks and squares are an important part of visuality and comfort.

The city needs jobs. An ordinary employee must be able to live in Helsinki, including the city center. In particular, the rise in youth unemployment needs to be reduced. Every young person must be given the opportunity to study.

Health, elderly, and family services must be easily accessible. Cultural services bring joy and strength to our lives. Above all, Helsinki is a functional, vibrant, interactive and constantly evolving city.